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Why us?


The team members at Little People Learning Place share a common, meaningful vision to encourage and guide children in reaching their full potential.

            Every child has the potential to attain greatness. Our team maintains high expectations and strives to see our children excel. Our children have the opportunity to maximize their potential and are inspired to do so.

            Young children learn best through play, when they are engaged in discovery for themselves. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment, one in which children feel comfortable to explore and express themselves freely. Our environment is one in which they can grow and mature emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually. 

            The curriculum is relevant to the children's lives, includes the interests of the children, fosters critical thinking, develops problem solving skills, and encourages children to be active learners. A child's curiosity directs their learning and the teacher serves as a guide as each child constructs his own knowledge. 

            We understand the importance of a child's need to form relationships with his/her caregivers in order to develop trust, a positive self esteem, and future relationships with others. Therefore, we seek to develop strong, loving bonds with the children in our care.

            Parents are our partners in their child's growth, development, and learning. We strive to collaborate with parents, to keep them informed, and to actively engage them in their child's development process and education.

            Our team consists of caring, compassionate, dedicated people who are excited about working with children and who are aware of and sensitive to their needs.

Who are we?

Kande, inc. dba Little People Learning Place is owned and operated by Kaylene Vickers, who serves as the President and Business Administrator and Debra Brown, who serves as the Director and Preschool Teacher. Kaylene and Debra both graduated from Liberty Hill High School.  

We have a desire to serve and give back to the community in which we and our children grew up, and in which we live. We look forward to working with you and caring for your child(ren) as they grow and learn. We look forward to nurturing them, loving them, and partnering with you throughout this growing and learning process.   

We opened our doors in July 1999 and our proud that we are still serving the families in our community.

This past year (2017) we added two new infant classrooms to meet the needs of our growing infant population. We also added a new room to our facility. This has been a wonderful addition to our facility and we have really enjoyed it. Currently we are working on building a nature playground.

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